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Automate your software delivery

Posted by Vikas Gupta on January 20, 2013

If a customer wants to add a feature/idea to a product, the time that it will take to release a feature to the market will depend upon the maturity of processes and practices employed by the software delivery team that works on it. The lesser time it takes, the better it is.

But, how can we reduce the time it takes to deliver software? What are the limitations of the traditional software delivery process? How can automating the various stages of software delivery process reduce time to market. In this post my attempt is to introduce the concept of Continuous Delivery, which in a nutshell is automate everything which you can in your software project. I will also list some of the anti patterns of software delivery. So, if you see any of these in your projects, I think you have an opportunity to improve. This post will the first in the series of posts that I am planning to write on Automated software delivery process. In the coming posts, I will discuss more concrete advice on various phases of software delivery lifecycle.

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